SATURDAY, FEB 1st - Red Room

1:00 Janet Perrone - Ayurveda: The Science of Life

1:30 Dr. Joanne Love: Medical Marijuana

2:00 Ova Luethye: Holistic Healing

2:30 Mato Weasel Bear: Native American Healing

3:00 Ingo Hoeppner: Healthy Youth: ACT, CREATE,

                               TEACH Program

3:30 Amin Dawdy: Geothermal Greenhouses

4:00 Carolyn Eastman Cazares: Autoharp Concert

SUNDAY, FEB 2nd - Red Room

10:00 - 12:00 - Melanie Aguirre: QUANTUM


1:00 Teresa Barrett: MiHealth Machine

1:30 Jack Noel: Regenerative Grazing

2:00 McKenzie Luna: We the Bees &

                          Beef, It's What's For Dinner

SATURDAY, FEB 1st - Green Room

1:00 LaNett Kuhn: Vascular Health with the Bemer Machine

1:30 Melanie Aguirre: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Tech.

2:00 Delmar Smith: The Rife Diagnostc Machine

2:30 Jill VonOsten: Don't Make Me Talk About THAT:                                                                             Discussions About End of Life Topics

3:00 Joshua Cravens: Preserving Seeds

3:30 Bud Daily: Magnets

4:00 Sandy Woodcock: Reflexology

SUNDAY, FEB 2nd - Green Room

10:00 TBA

10:30 TBA

11:00 Gina Kelley: Rio Grande Trail Project

1:00 TBA

1:30 Claudia Ragonesi: Spinal Analysis

2:00 Rand Berger: Nutrient Production for Plants to

                          Produce Nutrient-Dense Food

Sunday on Main Stage

1:00 - 2:30 - Ariel Dougherty &

Cliff Humphrey:

"Climate Justice: Crafting a Local Vision & Wielding Its Implementation

An Interactive Gathering Session"

3:00: Short Video

"Geothermal Greenhouses"

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